We are a development company that was started in May 2013.  We spend almost first 12 months of our time for research for apps and games.  Since then, we dedicated ourselves to create easy to use, helpful, intuitive and fun apps and games.

Our Motto

Our motto is: user satisfaction with made life easier apps and fun games.  We deeply believe in quality user interface, easy to use and easy to understand apps but foremost we have to create a difference with our attention to detail.  We do not take our users’ demands and needs lightly.  And because of these facts we do not cut corners with our apps and games.  We simply want to create the best out there every single time.

Our Values

Since we publish free versions of all of our apps,  ads are inevitable, but they should never be intrusive.  We believe in treating our users with respect rather than maximizing our income.  User privacy and non intrusive ads are always on the top of our value’s list.

Our Goal

We want to advance and develop Firebear to a company which is respected and loved by all of its users.