Covermania for Facebook


Simple, user friendly app for taking profile and cover photo for Facebook Timeline at the same time without any kind of cropping. This creative app gives you the opportunity to see and take photo of Facebook Timeline Cover Photo in its actual size in real time.

This app will enable Facebook users to use cover and profile photos as one image. Simply merging two images into one. Another handy feature is; users will be able to upload their photos directly to Facebook, under the Covermania album.

– You can use both front and back camera or switch them around as you wish.
– You can apply photo filters individually for both cover photo or profile photo.
– You can directly upload both cover and profile photo at the same time or separately to Facebook
– You do not have to crop either profile or cover photo. Covermania does it for you.
– Every photo taken will be saved in to the Gallery, under the Covermania folder, in your SD Card
– There is absolutely NO ADS or MARKS on the photos !
– Compatibility with Facebook Timeline
– Flashlight (On/Off/Auto)
– Both auto and manual focus
– Zoom ability with volume buttons
– Depending on your make and model of the device color effects.
– Gingerbread and up is supported. KIT KAT is supported.
– Your profile photo can be a true part of your cover photo. Be creative… We are sure you will have fun with it as much as we do.

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