Shake & Wake Alarm Clock Tool


*  All of our team members have a problem with waking up on time.  We searched around for a app which will take a care of this problem.  Although there are some apps, we were not satisfied with the results.  We wanted to be able customize our alarm clock.   We did not want to snooze for hours before we wake up.  We did not want to dismiss the alarm when all we want is to snooze.  We wanted an alarm clock which will do the job no matter what, so we came up with “Shake & Wake”.  Please enjoy…


*  Shake & Wake is the ultimate wake up tool for Android Users.  You will have the chance to control every aspect of your alarm for the first time.  After your first use, you will see that Shake & Wake is more than an alarm clock.  You can be a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper, Shake & Wake has a mode for everyone.


*  You will never have to worry about pressing dismiss button instead of snooze button.  You will have the option to remove the snooze button entirely, without removing the snooze function.  You can basicly shake to snooze as well as shake to dismiss.  You can adjust everything according to your liking.


*  You can set up different alarms as reminders even for the same time and date.


*  You can set unlimited amount of alarms.  It is not limited to 8 or 10 diffrent alarms.


*  “Repeat Weekly” option gives you the opportunity of seting up your alarm only for 1 week or indefinitly.  With this option you can schedule your personal alarm for the current week or every week.


*  You can select your alarm sound from ringtone or music gallery.  In this way, you can wake to your favorite song.  The “incremental sound” option qurantees a gentle wake up.


*  You can select vibrate option and even adjust the vibration interval for a more effective wake up.


*  Make your phone’s led lights flash and even adjust the flash interval for the selected alarm.


*  Besides flash function, you can also make your phone’s screen flash and even adjust the screen colors.


*  In all of the below alarm modes (except absolute wake up mode) we also think about the people who sleeps with you.  Not to wake up the whole household, as soon as you do the necesssary process for the related alarm mode, your phone will keep silent until you dismiss the alarm.


Shake & Wake Mode

This alarm mode is the most healthy way to wake up.  When you start to shake your arm to dismiss the alarm, your heart starts to pump blood faster.  This results with a healthier wake up.   In this mode users has to shake their phone to dismiss the alarm.  You will also have the opportunity to remove or keep the snooze button.  If the snooze button removed, you have to shake your phone to snooze.  In this mode you can adjust the “Shake Time” to dismiss the alarm, number of snoozes that you prefer as well as the time interval between your snoozes.

Barcode Mode
You can only dismiss the alarm by scaning a prescaned barcode from one of your consumer products.  In this mode you have to get up from your bed to scan the barcode of one of your consumer products, such as a sampoo or a toothpaste.  You can adjust the number of snoozes as well as time between the snoozes.


Standard Alarm Mode

In this mode you can find your standard Android alarm functions and much more.  You can adjust the alarm’s validity period, number of snoozes as well as time between the snoozes.  In this mode you can dismiss the alarm with a button as well.


Mathematics Mode

You can only dismiss the alarm by solving the simple math questions.  You can adjust the number of questions to dismiss the alarm, number of snoozes as well as time interval between snoozes.


Absolute Wake Up Mode

Are you having a hard time to wake up?  Are you a heavy sleeper?  Are you going to sleep only for few hours and then you have to go to work?  Do you have sleeping problems?  Do you have children? This alarm mode will wake you up on time.  You have to scan more than 1 pre-scanned barcode to dismiss the alarm.  The alarm will not go quiet until you scan pre-selected number of barcodes.  You can adjust the number of barcodes (min. 2 barcodes), as well as the time interval between barcode scans.

Your phone must be turned on for “Shake & Wake” to work.


Supported Languages

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